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Training Quality Over Quantity

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Recently, at Rebel Fit (The Basement), we integrated a new movement screening called the Functional Movement Screening system (FMS).  We’ve lighted implemented the training protocols for some time (the band system), but we had no real baseline screening system for classifying if someone is able to safely enter our program to get the results they are looking for.  Integrating this system has been a straight up eye opener for us.  Our team really believes that this form of screening is essential for safe, timely, effective results.

Here are some key points you should know FMS is based around.

  1. Pain should not be present while performing basic bodyweight movement patterns. If there is pain associated with a movement pattern it will be compromised and lead to a likelihood of developing further injury to the area of pain and or secondary injury from the body compensating to avoid the pain.
  2. Having multiple mobility or stability limitations, even if they’re pain free, can create compensations and general weaknesses that may lead to injury.
  3. Basic unilateral (One legged) movement patterns should be symmetrical on both right and left sides of the body.
  4. Fundamental and basic movements should precede performance related activities.
  5. Basic before Complex, Stable before Unstable

Foundational movement patterns need to be assessed before we can create a program designed to fit each individual need even if it’s in a group environment.  Using FMS Systems, we were able to establish a solid baseline screening system to better help manage and prevent injury.  By screening you we will be able to establish a baseline scoring criteria, monitor and track progress to ensure you are doing the exercises that YOUR body should be doing.  We will be screening you in conjunction to assessment week every 6 weeks! The band system will be mandatory to make sure we can accomplish this.  There is no way we can keep the coaching system consistent without it.  Wear your bands to class. But what if you leave your bands at home? We will have loaner bands that you can wear.

We realize that injuries are going to happen.  However, it’s our job to reduce the likelihood of injury.  After all, if someone gets injured during training, their outlook and thought processes about exercise can be compromised for the rest of their lives.  Exercise should be FUN…Exercise should be well thought out and serve a purpose…Exercise should help you meet and exceed your goals…Exercise should help improve movement patterns and make daily activities achievable.

The FMS training philosophy will be the foundation of our group program design.  You may hear us in the future say a particular exercise for YOU is “red lighted.”  The reason for TEMPORARILY taking certain exercises out of your program all stem back to these 5 rules.  It’s our job to get results and keep you injury free.  Training should be about the quality of the movement, not the quantity.


Coach Beny

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