I grew up in the East New York section of Brooklyn NY, and always had a passion for sports since high school. I could remember playing basketball in the driveway of my parent’s house shooting hoops in a bottomless milk crate. My Dad was a big Lakers fan (womp, womp lol) and I was a big Knicks fan. My dad would take me to the local park to shoot hoops and trash talk me to DEATH lol and from there the competitive rivalry was born.
I played high school basketball in Florida, ran track (came third in the state for the high jump record at 6’10 btw) and went to college on a track scholarship in Jacksonville Florida.

I joined the Air Force shortly thereafter and dabbled in a lot of different things but my passion always led me back to health and fitness. Separated from the military and took a position as a government contractor. Well from there it went downhill. The lack of discipline I had was gone and I became lazy sitting at a desk until I decided one day I needed change (I was in a pizzeria at 3a lol). I bought this at home high intensity training video series and got to work. I went through a COMPLETE transformation and said to myself… WAIT A MINUTE if I felt like this and now I feel AMAZING, imagine how many people feel like this every day and do nothing about it! I decided I wanted to help others feel how I felt so I start training people here and there, mostly family and friends but I fell in love with it. I wanted to become a personal trainer.

The dream of owning my own fitness company became a reality late November of 2013 after I graduated from The National Personal Training Institute.

I started working at a local big box gym part-time while working my full-time contractor gig and realized I hated everything about both. The trainers didn’t care about the clients and this is NOT what I signed up for so I quit and I decided to start my own company in January. I starting with personal training and boot camps in Woodbridge to give clients the attention to detail, care and services I felt they deserved.

I started training on the side with about 5 clients at 5 am and I would go straight to work after, skip my lunch break so that I could get off early to train clients starting at 5 pm. The grind started wearing me down and I realized my passion for training and lack of interest for my cubicle became a tough inner battle to deal with. Fear and a lack of faith crippled me! I didn’t have a clue on how I would make that transition and still feed my family. Well let me tell you, God has a unique way of pushing you into greatness. In April of 2014, I was told my job would be coming to an end at the end of the month due to a need to fund another position in the company. I took this as a sign and decided this was the time to start living the dream. Rebel Fit and my boot camp program gave me the purpose and a new lease on life. We went from 5 to 100+ clients all from the basement in my house to opening a boot camp in Woodbridge, VA in our own facility.

It’s been 6+ years and I still can’t believe we came from “The Basement” of my house to where we are now.  Your fitness journey is no different! When you believe in something, when you stick with it consistently the goal will be reached! 

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