Meet Our Team

Beny Blaq

Founder/D.O.P.E = Director of Positive Energy/ Chief Motivator

The informal stuff:

  • I really like: Poetry, basketball, working out, traveling, coaching and spending time with my fam
  • I really don’t like: Rodents, roller coasters, heights and cold weather 
  • First thing I hoped to be when I grew up: Veterinarian [ until I saw blood lol]
  • Favorite movie: Anything Marvel, Planet of The Apes, Good Fellas

Boring stuff:

  • National Personal Training Institute Certificate of Personal Training & Basic Nutrition
  • Balanced Habits Nutrition Certification
  • National Personal Training Institute Shoulder and Arm Injuries Certification
  • National Personal Training Institute Suspension Training Certification
  • CPR/AED Certified

I am a proud Air Force Veteran with a passion for fitness that stems from an athletic background of high school basketball and collegiate track and field. I graduated from the National Personal Training Institute with Certifications in Personal Training, Basic Nutrition, Balanced Habits Nutrition, Shoulder and Arm Injuries and Suspension Training with specialties in weight loss management.

Let’s be honest here, I can go on and on boring you with my accomplishments but I know what you care about most is how I can help you achieve your personal goals. What you may not know about me is we have a lot in common. Unlike most trainers I once was in your shoes battling issues with my own weight-loss and self-confidence so I understand the time, dedication, accountability and compassion needed to reach your fitness goals. My continuation of education in the fitness field, intensity and passion for what I do makes me the ideal trainer for anyone who lacks the energy, willpower and knowledge to sustain a healthy and fit lifestyle. My trainers and I will do everything in our power to help you build that solid foundation to totally transform your life. When you work with the Rebel Fit team your goals become our goals and It would be an honor to work by your side on this exciting journey. #iRebel

Machelle Johnson

(Lead Client Advocate)

I am a northern Virginia native and graduated from George Mason University in 2004 and again in 2007.  Mom to a crazy German Shepherd and a recreational boxer, I worked in law enforcement administration for more than 12 years before finding my new professional home at Rebel Fit. I look forward to seeing our clients transform body, mind, and spirit through fitness.


Peas, beans, being lost in unfamiliar places.



Tosha Bailey

(Food Coach/Motivator)

I was born in Atlanta, GA, but mostly grew up in Florida. I’m a proud graduate of the University of Florida (Gooo Gators!).
My passion with nutrition is three fold. 1. I love how food is so healing. You can legit heal or prevent just about any ailment through food, and create massive generational health shifts through food knowledge and application.  2. I love how you can take very simple ingredients and turn them into a healthy meal. 3. I love showing people how you can healthy can be so delicious and indulgent.

Cooking and trying out new recipes (yeah, predictable I know), College football, music and going to concerts, reading health & nutrition medical journals (yep, I’m that chick).

Bugs (I do catch and release spiders if they act right though, lol), Anything related to Florida State University or the University of Georgia (ha!). Country music, and okra (Ew).

First thing I hoped to be when I grew up: A veterinarian. Until I worked for one for 3 years. I spent waaay too much time crying over the animals, so that wasn’t a good match. lol.

Gladiator (“Are you not entertained?”)

NASM PT, TRX (Level 1), SCW (Sports Nutrition, Kettle Bell, Soft Tissue Release), NESTA (Nutritionist/Personal Chef), New Leaf (Metabolic Specialist), Precision Nutrition (In Process)

Eustace Ford

(Lead Accountability Coach/Motivator)

Tell us a little bit about you. Where you are from, what drives your passion for the particular position etc

I was born in the Caribbean on the island of St Kitts, at age seven my Mom moved us the the US Virgin Islands(St Thomas). I’ve been in Virginia for nineteen years. At the age of 50 I decided I was tired of how I looked and felt and decided to make a change. I joined Rebelfit five years ago and haven’t looked back. I enjoy people and making a difference in their lives physically, emotionally and mentally. Coaching/Training gives me a sense of purpose. When you do something you love, it’s not work.

I really Like: Traveling, being adventurous, food, being with family and friends, being healthy/working out

I Really Don’t Like: Snakes, okra, beets and any type of lizards

First thing I hoped to be when I grew up: I wanted to be a Doctor.

Favorite movie: The Color Purple, most action/sci-fi movies

List All Certifications: CPR/AED, Food Service Certified, NASM PT (Pending)

Bryana Coleman


I am a very outgoing person. I’m a people person and friendly so I think that’s what helps me perform my job so well. I absolutely love administrative work so this position is right in my comfort zone and make me happy.

Reading, hanging out with my boyfriend, friends and family time

Bugs, most fruits and vegetables (Yes a fitness person that doesn’t like fruits and veggies.. I’m working on it.. I’m a very picky eater lol), conflict and drama

IT Technology Support/Help Desk

Major Payne, Forrest Gump, Space Jam, Harry Potter Series

Kinesiology, BS- Radford University, AED/CPR

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