No more starvation or liquid diets this program is based on WHOLE FOODS! We take your personal body measurements into account before designing your program in order to completely customize it to your program. This is the real deal. Whether you are looking to lose weight, put on weight, improve athletic performance, get leaner, eat better, get ready for your wedding or fit into that special dress or suit….whatever your goal, this program will be designed specifically for you.

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We build your perfect program tailored just for you.


Set your goals and begin your journey toward a healthier you! Let’s face it, nobody likes sitting with the picky person at the dining table who chastises everything others eat because they’re on a “diet”. You are not on a diet; those are WACK! Starting today you are working on creating a balanced, fun and healthy new lifestyle.
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Here's what you can expect!
  • One-on-One Consultation

    Your nutrition technician will give you an easy plan to follow and a new outlook on healthy eating.

  • Ongoing Assessments

    You’ll have continuous, informative and supportive access.

  • Take Down Life Style Binder

    A 3-ring binder filled with valuable nutrition information and how it pertains to the participant as an individual.

  • Reclaim your health and fitness

    Take back your health with LIFE CHANGING, research driven, nutritional coaching for everyone.

Results that speak for themselves


I don’t even recognize the old me anymore! Small Group Personal Training with Beny has given me my body and confidence back. It hasn’t been a full year yet but I am happy with my present and looki...

Trina Gooden

I committed to adjusting my lifestyle because I was sick and tired of being sick and tired! I didn’t have a weight loss goal it was about health for me. I dropped 20+ lbs most importantly off of ALL...


Both my husband and my 6 children now have a mom/wife with much more energy. I sleep less and get out more. I have more clarity. I find dealing with tough issues is much easier. My whole family is ben...


My commitment to a better lifestyle has been one of the best gifts I've given to myself. I highly recommend Rebel Fit as they will work with you to help achieve your fitness and nutrition goals....

Our program evolves as you evolve to suit your individual lifestyle to a perfect “T!”

You should never start a program you cannot maintain for the rest of your life. If anything is too hard or complicated, there is a good chance that it cannot be maintained. We have intentionally created this program to be as straight forward and “auto-pilot” as possible for our clients. The program that you initially receive will be thorough and easy to follow, but as your goals change, so will your program.

The Binder outlines the program including journaling requirements, cardio/fitness recommendations, recipes, meal ideas and other important components of the program. A binder is a tangible reminder of your program, progress, and plans. The accountability factor is huge with this program.

TakeDown™ LifeStyle Nutrition program is a balanced and realistic nutrition program that you can manage and incorporate with your busy schedule.

  • Gain education on food choices, food labels, recipes, eating out, and getting healthier and stronger!
  • As your body changes we will reset goals to give you a clear focus of what to work toward.
  • No more gimmicks, no mysterious ingredients or weird diet habits.


Finally the truth about AB exercises

Top Personal Trainer And Fitness Coach Beny Blaq Reveals Amazing AB Exercises.

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5 Must Know AB Exercises

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Finally the truth about AB exercises

Top Personal Trainer And Fitness Coach Beny Blaq Reveals Amazing AB Exercises.

*we don't share your personal details with anyone