Look, I get it. Physical training and good nutrition aren’t like going and getting a massage or buying a fun new toy.

They require effort, scheduling, time, sweat, and sometimes a little bit of the good pain.

Truthfully, a lot of the time I’d rather skip my workouts and healthy dinner in favor of pizza  (or bag of doritos the nacho cheese type cause the blue bag is gross and that’s not up for debate) on the couch. Lol

So, I totally understand that investing in your fitness and health aren’t the most exciting things.

But there are two truths behind this that I want to share with you:

  1. You have to invest in your health. You know this. Bluntly, if you don’t you’ll deal with lower confidence, increased body fat, muscle atrophy, disease, and possibly early death. Sucks – I know.
  2.  It can actually be enjoyable. It’s really about finding a routine and program that you enjoy and a community that you want to be part of. That’s one of the reasons people here at Rebel Fit end up having this love/hate with fitness.

Latoya is a great example of this.

“Now 140 lbs down and still Working. Rebel Fit has helped in a major way.  I workout 4x a week and with the team and I am happy with my progress so let this be a message to stick to the process and do the WERK!! #IREBELSTRONG” – Latoya Miller

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